Make a donation

Developing and maintaining a website costs money and Whisthub is no different. Because the goal is to keep Whisthub free from annoying ads, Whisthub counts on your support! You can support Whisthub with a voluntary donation to the bank account number BE63 7350 5692 1608 on the name of Whisthub BV.

In the near future, Whisthub will also offer subscription formulas with additional functionality. Any donation you make can be used as credit towards these subscription formulas. To make this easier, it is recommended that you include your username on Whisthub when making a donation.

Whisthub is a young project and the intention is to continue to develop it. However, this is not possible without financial aid. With a donation you can support Whisthub and ensure that it can grow into a fully-fledged platform with multiple card games and countless extra functionalities! Thanks in advance for your help!