Feature requests

Dear friends of Colour Whist,

We live in peculiar times. The coronavirus has an impact on all aspects of life, including a virtual platform for playing cards that is Whisthub. Whisthub is a young website and has only been online since December 2019. It is in the first place a hobby project that I voluntarily spend my free time on, free of charge, combining it with a full-time job and a personal life.

The growth that Whisthub has experienced due to the coronavirus is unprecedented. In a few weeks, the number of users has increased more than sixty times. The goal has always been to quietly expand Whisthub into a full-fledged platform for playing cards with all the functionalities to make it a vibrant community. However, the immense growth means that it is no longer possible to steadily work on it quietly.

I am aware that Whisthub lacks some essential features of a full-fledged platform with ditto community. I am thinking, for example, of the possibility to compare players to each other. "Which player is trustworthy and which player is not? " is a question that must be answered in order to get through the large number of users. Related to this is the question of being able to compare the strengths of different players.

I also get a lot of suggestions about extra functionality, such as:

  • Can you implement that we can change the rules ourselves?
  • Can you program another card game?
  • Can you implement that we can play with 5 people?

As mentioned, the intention is to convert Whisthub over time into a full-fledged platform for playing cards and many of these functionalities will eventually be available.

So be aware that I myself am also full of plans and that I constantly monitor the website trying to identify problems and in this way try to determine which functionality should be prioritized.

It is often forgotten that apart from additional functionality, it is already a huge challenge to keep the site online at all, given the large number of users. This requires technical modifications that are not immediately visible, but also takes a substantial bite out of the available time budget.

In these bizarre times I therefore count on the understanding and patience of the community to build Whisthub into a full-fledged platform for playing cards with all the functionality it needs. We'll eventually get there.