Privacy policy


Card games are for everyone. Therefore Whisthub wants to be as accessible as possible for everyone.

Playing without an account

If you want to play against other players, all that is required is a screen name so that you are recognizable to other players. You are not required to use your real name, but you are more likely to be accepted into a game with a trustworthy name. When playing without an account, however, certain features, such as access to the chat, might not be enabled.

The name you enter is not saved on the server. It is however saved locally so that you don't have to re-enter your name next time. You can change your screen name before every game you join.

Signing up

If you would like to compare your playing strength with other players you can choose to sign up for an account. With an account you can score - or lose - points by playing against other players that also have an account.

There are three possibilities to create an account:

  • Using your Facebook account
  • Using your Google account
  • Using your e-mail address

When using your Facebook or Google account, your name, profile picture and email address will be shared with Whisthub. Whisthub never publishes something in your name on Facebook or Google. Signing up with Facebook or Google can be useful so that you don't have to remember a password.

If you don't have a Facebook or Google account you can sign up with your email address. This email address can be used to reset your password in case you forgot it. The email address you enter has to be confirmed. For this reason Whisthub sends you an email with a link you can use to confirm your email address.

User account data

Your user account data are private and are not shared with third parties. Only your username, total amount of games played and your current rating are public. The email address coupled to your account is never visible for to players. Whisthub only sends you automatic emails concerning payments, or in case you requested a password reset.

You have the right to access, modify or delete your personal data. In order to do this, please contact [email protected]. Your personal data is not stored longer than strictly required to properly display your user profile.

Payments on Whisthub are processed by Stripe. This way Whisthub does not need to process or store any payment details itself.

Statistical data

Whisthub keeps a record in the database of every game in the multiplayer mode. This is solely for statistical purposes and to improve the AI. This data is not used for any other purpose and is never shared with third parties.

Chat messages and video conference

During a game you have the possibility to chat with other players. This function can only be used by registered players that are logged in. The chat messages you send are only sent to other players in the game and are nowhere stored on the server. However, in case of repeated reports of bad behavior, chat messages may be kept on the server for moderation purposes for up to 30 days.

If desired you can also start a video conference with the other players in a game. A video conference is only accessible for the players in that game. A video conference is serverless: the video and audio are automatically streamed to the other players. This is a so called peer-to-peer connection. The video and audio streams are not recorded and are nowhere stored.


Currently it is difficult to find a website that doesn't show you a popup to accept cookies right away. Whisthub wants to be different.

In case you don't have an account, no cookies are used.

If you do have an account only the technically required cookies are used. These are cookies that keep track of whether you are logged in and whether you want to stay logged in if you return later.

Given that Whisthub is free of ads, no third-party cookies are used.

By signing up for an account you accept the use of those required cookies.


In case you have any questions concerning this privacy policy you can contact [email protected].