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Are you passionate about Colour Whist? Then Whisthub is the place for you! Whisthub is a website where you can play the card game of Colour Whist against other players.

To play a game you can either join an open room or host your own room below. Invite your friends for a game on whisthub.com!

Nobody online? Don't worry! You can also play against an AI. Try it by clicking "Play" above!

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Do I need to sign up to play?

No. If you want to play against three AI you can click above on "Play". If you want to play against other human players, above you can join an open room or host a room yourself. The only requirement is a screen name. Once there are four players you can start the game. If you cannot find sufficient players you can also add AI players to complete the game.

If you desire you can create an account. With an account you can score points against other registered users. The goal is to make it easier for players of equal strength to find each other. Registered users are indicated by a bullet and anonymous players by the icon .

Can I play Whisthub on a smartphone or tablet?

Yes! Whisthub is just a website. This means that Whisthub works on any device with a modern web browser. The website will adjust depending on the size of your screen. As such you can play on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smarthpone where and whenever you like!

Does Whisthub have an app?

Given that Whisthub is just a website, you don't need to install an app to play. Nevertheless, Whisthub is a so called Progressive Web App. This means you can add it to the home screen of your smartphone or tablet so that you can use it as an app.

On iPhone or iPad you open Whisthub in Safari Safari and tap the "Share" icon Share. Next you look in the list for "Add to Home Screen" and tap it.

On an Android smartphone or tablet you open Whisthub in Chrome Chrome and go to "Settings". Subsequently you choose "Add to Home Screen".

If you execute the steps above you can open up Whisthub from your Home Screen. As such you can also play when you temporarily don't have an internet connection. In that case you can only play against AI players.

What are the game rules?

The rules of Colour Whist often depend by region or even people. The rules used in Whisthub are derived from this website and correspond largely to the rules used on Freewhist.be. There are two exceptions though:

  • Piccolo does not exist.
  • You can bid Solo for 5 tricks.

A detailed description of the rules used on Whisthub can be found here.

Why does the AI sometimes play weird cards?

To this date there is no known algorithm that can play Colour Whist on the same level as humans. The algorithm that is developed in Whisthub mostly aims to make playing an AI sufficiently enjoyable. As such it is possible that some moves by the AI may seem weird to humans.

You will always have the best experience by playing against human players. The possibility to add AI to a game can be useful though when you don't reach four players, or you just want to play a game offline.

How can I support Whisthub?

Developing and maintaining a website costs money. Whisthub is developed on a voluntary basis and the goal is to keep Whisthub free and free of ads.

Because of this, Whisthub can use any financial support. You can support Whisthub with a donation via PayPal PayPal.

Who is Whisthub?

Avatar Whisthub is created by Sebastiaan Marynissen. The idea to create a website dedicated to Colour Whist was born during his higher education and was initially meant as a learning experience. Whisthub is currently under active development. The goal is to create a vibrant community where passionate players can meet eachother: young or old, beginner or expert! In case you have any questions you can contact info@whisthub.com. Whisthub is dedicated to Bert Marynissen, the man who taught me not to lead the Queen, but above all the best father a son could wish for.