Are you passionate about Colour Whist? Then Whisthub is the place for you! Whisthub is a website where you can play Colour Whist online against other players, AI opponents or a combination of both! We also offer other popular card games such as Manille, Hearts and Barbu King.

To play a game you can either join an open room or host your own room below. Do you prefer to play alone? Click on "Play" above to play against AI opponents!


If you are new to Whisthub, then make sure to give the page with frequently asked questions a read. Here you can find all kinds of information about Whisthub in general, such as if you have to sign up, how the reputation system works, or what is included in the premium subscription!

What are the rules of Colour Whist?

The rules of Colour Whist often depend by region or even people. The rules used on Whisthub are based on personal experience and largely correspond to the rules on pagat.com, an authority for the rules of card games. The detailed description of the rules used on Whisthub can be found here.

Because there are many different rules in circulation, Whisthub offers the option to partially adjust them if you have a premium subscription. This way you can set to forbid bidding Solo for 5 tricks, allow Piccolo or disable the annoying Trull. However, the decision to keep the number of variations small has been consicously made so that everyone plays with approximately the same rules.

It is possible that you play with different rules yourself, but consistency in the rules is the most important thing on Whisthub. Changing the rules of the game only causes confusion among the players, and it opens the door to endless discussions between supporters and opponents of certain rules. That is why the rules of Colour Whist on Whisthub will not be changed.

Who is Whisthub?

Sebastiaan Marynissen Whisthub is created by Sebastiaan Marynissen. The idea to create a website dedicated to Colour Whist was born during his higher education and was initially meant as a learning experience. In the meantime, Whisthub has become a website where you can play various card games online, such as Colour Whist, Manille, Wiezen, Barbu King and Hearts.

The website is incorporated in a private company Whisthub BV with company number 0746.750.441 and is currently under active development. The goal is to create a vibrant community where passionate players can meet eachother: young or old, beginner or expert! In case you have any questions you can contact [email protected].

Whisthub is dedicated to Bert Marynissen, the man who taught me not to lead the Queen, but above all the best father a son could wish for.