Do you love playing Hearts? Then Whisthub is the place for you! Whisthub is a website where you can play hearts online with friends, other players or AI opponents. We also offer other popular card games such as Colour Whist, Manille and Barbu King.

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If you are new to Whisthub, then make sure to give the page with frequently asked questions a read. Here you can find all kinds of information about Whisthub in general, such as if you have to sign up, how the reputation system works, or what is included in the premium subscription!

What are the rules of Hearts on Whisthub?

Hearts on Whisthub is played according to the rules of the American version. The goal of the game is to avoid scoring penalty points. Every heart is worth one penalty point, and the Queen of Spades Q is worth 13 penalty points. This means that in total there are 26 penalty points to score in a game, but there's a twist: if someone manages to score all 26 penalty points, then this player is awarded no penalty points and all the opponents score 26 penalty points. This is also called shooting the moon.

You are not allowed to lead hearts if none have been played yet on another suit. It is also not allowed to play a penalty card on the first trick - which is always led by 2, except in the extremely rare case where there's no other option. You can find a complete overview of the rules of Hearts on this page.

I didn't get any hearts and still got penalty points!

While the goal of Hearts is indeed to avoid scoring penalty points, there is one exception: if one player manages to get all hearts and the Queen of Spades Q, then this player does not get any penalty points, but all the other players get 26 points. This game situation is called Shooting the Moon, as explained in the rules of Hearts. This means that you have to be careful with dumping all your hearts to a certain player!

Shooting the Moon is also the reason why we don't show how many penalty points the other players already have collected. This is also the case when playing in reality and makes the game much more fun as you have to pay attention to when the penalty cards get played!

Who is Whisthub?

Sebastiaan Marynissen Whisthub is created by Sebastiaan Marynissen. The idea to create a website dedicated to Colour Whist was born during his higher education and was initially meant as a learning experience. In the meantime, Whisthub has become a website where you can play various card games online, such as Colour Whist, Manille, Wiezen, Barbu King and Hearts.

The website is incorporated in a private company Whisthub BV with company number 0746.750.441 and is currently under active development. The goal is to create a vibrant community where passionate players can meet eachother: young or old, beginner or expert! In case you have any questions you can contact [email protected].

Whisthub is dedicated to Bert Marynissen, the man who taught me not to lead the Queen, but above all the best father a son could wish for.