Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are translated from Dutch. In case of any contradictions, the Dutch version has precedence.

Use of the website

Whisthub is a website where players can play Colour Whist, Manille, Wiezen, Barbu King and Hearts online against eachother. The website is available for everyone without distinction based on sex, age, nationality, religion or political preferences. By the use of the website you agree with the following terms and conditions:

  • It is strictly forbidden to publish content on the website that incites hatred, violence or discrimination.
  • The use of copyrighted material or material with explicit content, such as for an avatar, is prohibited.
  • The use of the website for the promotion or support of commercial activities or political purposes is prohibited.
  • You are not required to use your own identity on Whisthub, but it is strictly forbidden to impersonate any other person that you are not, both benevolent or malicious.
  • Each user is responsible for their own actions on Whisthub. Whisthub does not control the information transmitted through the website and therefore cannot be held responsible for, among other things, the illegal nature of this information.
  • The user acknowledges that Whisthub is a place where fun and fair play are paramount. The user therefore agrees to respect the generally applicable rules of good behavior and sportivity.

Whisthub reserves the right to deny access to the website without prior notice and without motivation to any user who violates the terms and conditions.

Premium subscriptions

Whisthub offers a so-called premium subscription for a fee. This subscription grants the user a personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable license that entitles to additional functionality on the website as described on the premium page.

These functionalities are not unlimitedly enforceable and Whisthub reserves the right to add, modify or remove functionalities without prior notice. However, care is taken at all times to ensure that the global range of additional functionality is guaranteed.

Premium subscriptions must be paid in advance for a given period. Therefore the user is not entitled to a refund if he chooses to no longer use the functionality included in the premium subscription.

Premium subscriptions are renewed automatically. Only subscriptions that are paid in a way that does not allow automatic renewal will not be renewed automatically. Users can cancel the automatic renewal for free at any time in their settings. In that case the user still has access to the additional features until the end of the subscription period. Failure to cancel the automatic renewal on time can in no way give rise to a refund of the amount already charged.

The subscription does not protect the user against exclusion from the website in case of non-compliance with the terms and conditions. In that case, Whisthub reserves the right to deny the user access to the website without being entitled to a refund of the subscription fee. In case of disputes, the applicable court is that under which the private company Whisthub falls according to the law.

The user is responsible for the use of sufficient modern equipment that allows the functioning of Whisthub. Whisthub cannot be held responsible for the malfunctioning of the website on inadequate and unsupported equipment.

In case of accidental unavailability of the website, the user is not entitled to a refund.

Intellectual property

The entire website, including its entire content and source code, is subject to copyrights and intellectual property rights. Use for private purposes is permitted only with prior written permission. Partial or full reproduction of the website is strictly prohibited.

Personal data

Respect of the privacy is important to Whisthub. Whisthub processes your personal data as explained in the privacy policy. By using the website you agree to this privacy policy.

Changes to terms and conditions

Whisthub reserves the right to change the terms and conditions for various reasons, such as changes in applicable law or functionality of the website. The most recent version is always available on the website. Changes to the terms and conditions only take effect from the moment they are published on the website.

In the event of, according to Whisthub, fundamental changes to the terms and conditions, the user will be explicitly informed. If you as a user no longer wish to agree to the changed terms and conditions, you always have the option to no longer use the website and to request to delete your account as set out in the privacy policy.

Contact information

Whisthub is part of the private company Whisthub with company number 0746.750.441. This company is responsible for the management and operation of the website. The company was established under Belgian law and is therefore subject to Belgian law.

If you have any questions or remarks regarding these terms and conditions you can contact [email protected].