This page contains the official leaderboard for Manille on Whisthub. The leaderboard is based on the results of the past 7 days and is updated every day. The next leaderboard will be published on May 17 at 12:00 AM.

To be included in the leaderboard you need a premium subscription and you must explicitly indicate for which games you want to appear in it. The player who leads the leaderboard can be recognized by the symbol .


How is the leaderboard calculated?

If you have specified that you want to be included in the leaderboard, you will be awarded a number of points at the end of each game depending on the place you obtained. A maximum of 1,000 points is awarded to the player obtaining the first place. Second and third place also still result in a number of points, but the player on the last place gets no points.

When creating a new leaderboard, a weighted average of your points over the past 7 days is calculated: these are your base points. This means that games to 101 weigh more heavily than games to 61. There are no points to be earned for free-length rooms. Rooms where the teams were defined upfront - indicated by the icon - do not count for the leaderboard.

After this, two reductions are applied to your base points:

  • In order to avoid that someone who has only played 1 game in the past days takes the first place, there is a minimum number of games to be played. If you have played less than this minimum, your base points will be reduced. The minimum number of games differs per game type: it is different for Colour Whist than for Manille and vice versa.
  • You must also have played against a minimum number of different opponents. For example, if you only play with a fixed group of friends of 4, your base points will be reduced. The idea behind this is that a player can only be considered the best if they can effectively beat all players. Anonymous players are not counted as opponents.

The theoretical maximum number of points in the leaderboard is therefore 1,000. This happens when, in the past 7 days, you have won all rooms, you played sufficient games and played against a sufficient number of different opponents.

The exact calculation of the reduction factors may change from time to time to improve the leaderboard and is also not made public.

In case of cheating, a player can be permanently banned from appearing in all rankings.

What if someone leaves the game early?

If you leave the game early in an illegal way - for example by closing your browser - you will automatically be considered the last player and of course you will also lose reputation points.

If someone else has already left the game, you have the choice to continue the game until the end. In that case you will receive the points of the place you obtained at the end. However, if you choose to leave the game, then no points will be earned, but you will not be regarded as the player in last place: it is then as if this game never took place.

What happens if my subscription has expired?

If your subscription has expired, your points will be kept, but you will no longer be included in the new leaderboard. This means that if you immediately activate a new subscription, the accumulated points from your previous subscription period will be counted again in the new leaderboard.