Gift card

Are you looking for an original present? Give a Whisthub premium subscription! Choose the exact amount below and customize the card with your own text!

After your purchase you will receive a link to activate the gift card. It is this link that you will have to provide to the person you want to give it to. You will also have the ability to print it so that you can wrap it up if you like!

You can also choose to have the gift coupon delivered by email at a time of your choosing! To do this, check "Send By email" below and follow the instructions.



6 months

Terms and conditions


When activated, a Whisthub gift card entitles a player to a premium subscription worth the amount as entered. The functionalities included in a premium subscription are described on this page. If the user is already a premium user, the duration of the current subscription will be extended. If the user is not yet a premium user, a new subscription will be created. This subscription is not automatically renewed.


A Whisthub gift card is valid indefinitely, but can only be used once. The gift card is not linked to a specific account and can therefore be activated by everyone having an account on Whisthub. Once activated, the subscription cannot be transferred to another account.


A gift card can only be used for activating a premium subscription on and can under no circumstances be converted into cash.