End of FreeWhist

End of 2022, the last games were played on FreeWhist. Together with Josephine and Cuyp, the owners of FreeWhist, the decision has been made to suggest people to switch to Whisthub.

In order to not have players who have been playing for years on FreeWhist start from zero, the possibility was added to link your existing account on FreeWhist to your account on Whisthub, provided that you are a verified player on FreeWhist.

Depending on the total amount of games played on FreeWhist, you will receive a number of points in the reputation system on Whisthub. Additionally, if you ever had a subscription on FreeWhist, you will get a free premium subscription on Whisthub for one or two months, depending on how long you had a subscription on FreeWhist!

Login to FreeWhist

Login or create an account on Whisthub


Can I keep my username of FreeWhist?

It depends. It is important to understand that your account on Whisthub and your account on FreeWhist are two different accounts. Before you can link your account and use the trial subscription you must first have an account on Whisthub. If you don't have an account on Whisthub yet, you can create one here.

If your FreeWhist username does not already exist on Whisthub, you can reuse your username. However, since Whisthub has about 30,000 registered users, your username may already be in use by someone else. In this case, you will unfortunately have to choose a different username, for example by adding "Freewhist" to your username. That way your FreeWhist friends can still easily recognize you on Whisthub!

How can I play against other players?

The difference with FreeWhist is that on Whisthub, you can also play against computer opponents. If you go to Whisthub's homepage and press "Play", you will be playing against three computer players. Ideal for getting to know the game quickly!

To play against other players, scroll down on the homepage until you get to the lobby with all open and playing rooms. Here you can choose to create a new room or join an existing room.

What are the game rules on Whisthub?

The game rules on Whisthub are slightly different from those used on FreeWhist. Players can choose to alter the rules per room. As such it becomes possible to play without Trull, or to include Piccolo. In order to change the rules per room, however, you need a premium subscription.

A detailed description of the game rules on Whisthub can be found on this page, but you can also play against the AI to get comfortable with the rules while playing!

Why are there no images on the cards on Whisthub?

By default, the cards on Whisthub don't have images on them and they look as depicted below.

However, it is possible to have a premium subscription on Whisthub which unlocks the possibility to change the appearance of your cards. As such it becomes possible to play with French cards with images. This way, it also becomes possible to sort the cards in ascending order.

If you have a premium subscription, you can choose what cards will be used in your settings.

Why can't FreeWhist be acquired by Whisthub?

The decision to stop FreeWhist has primarily been taken by Josephine and Cuyp because FreeWhist is using obsolete technologies which also differ from those used on Whisthub. Whisthub does not have any knowledge on these technologies and on top of that it is not feasible to maintain two websites in parallel.

Also, it is better for the community that everyone is playing at one place, rather than being scattered over multiple sites. We understand that change is never easy and it is perfectly normal that it takes some time to get accustomed to Whisthub. Nevertheless, Whisthub will do everything possible to become your new home as soon as possible, not only for Colour Whist, but also for Manille, Wiezen, Barbu King and Hearts!