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To get more out of Whisthub you can choose to take a premium subscription and be identified with a star next to your name. This gives you access to a number of additional features for only $6 per month! If you choose to pay every 6 months or per year, you are entitled to a substantial discount! If you want, you can also give a subscription as a gift to another player!

A premium subscription is valid on the entire website. This means that you have access to all functions for Colour Whist, Manille, Wiezen, Barbu King, Hearts and all other card games that will be added in the future!

$ 6
Per month
$ 49
Per year
You save 32%!

Premium subscriptions are renewed automatically, but you can cancel anytime and reactivate later in your settings. You can find more info in the terms and conditions.

Through the system of premium subscriptions, Whisthub generates revenue required to keep the website online and continue to develop it. As a premium user you get a number of additional features, but more importantly, this way you also support Whisthub!

Below you will find a detailed description of the additional features that you get as a premium user. Whisthub is constantly working on new features and so the list will only get longer in the long term!

Advanced settings

As a premium user you can choose to customize multiple settings. For example, you can choose to personalize the cards. As such it is possible to choose between the English KQJ cards, the Belgian RDV cards or the Dutch HVB cards.

Likewise it is possible to play with the classic cards with images, to arrange the cards in ascending order or to play on a green background.

You can also set the game speed and animations, as well as choose to keep the last trick visible automatically. On top of that, new settings are added regularly. Visit your settings for a full overview!


With a premium subscription, you can choose to receive certain notifications from Whisthub in your settings. As such it becomes possible to close a room without getting removed from it, and then you simply get a notification when the room is full! You can find more information about this in the blog post.


As long as your subscription is active, you can choose to be included in the leaderboard for any of the available games on Whisthub (Colour Whist, Manille, Wiezen, Barbu King and Hearts). This leaderboard is based on your results in the last 7 days and is republished every day. Fun if you're not afraid of a little competition!

The friend system

Being a premium user allows you to unlock the full potential of the friend system. You can reserve a room for your friends and even send them invitations when they are not on the website! Together with the ability to keep out players that often leave a game and the possibility to reserve a room for premium users only, you have a lot of control of who can play in your rooms. This makes it a lot easier to find reliable players!

Customizing game rules

As a premium user, you can adjust the game rules for Colour Whist when hosting a room or playing against the AI. There are currently four different options.

  • Solo 6 You can set that players must bid at least 6 tricks when bidding solo. This rule is commonly used by many players.
  • Small Misery If you find other players to play small misery way too often, you can choose to turn this off. Of course this means you can no longer play small misery yourself as well!
  • Piccolo To piccolo or not to piccolo: that is the question! As a premium user you can choose to play either with or without piccolo.
  • Trull If you are tired of always being forced to play trull, you can also choose to turn this off. In that case, if someone has 3 or more aces, this does not need to be announced and the game will be played as if it were a regular game. The players with the aces therefore are not forced to team up.

For Manille you receive the option to change the length of a room. You can choose between playing until 61 points (a half set), 101 (a full set), 121, 151 or unlimited, but you can also choose to play a fixed amount of deals - for example 12. In that case, the team with the highest amount of points at the end is the winner. You can also choose to no longer play with the controversial rule that the points will be doubled after a tie.

For Wiezen you will have the option to define the amount of deals to be played in a room. If you don't have a premium subscription, it will only be possible to create rooms of indefinite length.

For Barbu King you can choose between simple and double king. When playing double, 20 deals are played in total where the dealer picks the type of game to be played. Everyone chooses two trumps games and three negative games, taking into account that every negative game can only be played twice.


While your premium subscription is active, statistics are kept that can be viewed on your profile page, both for Colour Whist, Manille, Wiezen, Barbu King and Hearts. For example, it is tracked which types of contracts you play the most and how often they are won. You also have an overview of what place you end up on average in a room.


Favorite opponents

Winner: 28%2nd place: 29%3rd place: 24%Loser: 19%

Final position

Acceptance1,017 (65%)Successful only

Contracts played

Acceptance83%Small Misery80%Large Misery79%Abondance76%Solo67%Open Misery64%Trull58%Piccolo49%Grand Slam20%

Success rate per contract


Successful contracts


On Whisthub, tournaments are held on a regular basis A famous example of this is the Whistcup, which is considered the official championship for Colour Whist, but other tournaments are held as well. A tournament is announced in the lobby in a timely manner and is often only accessible for premium users. Hence, being a premium user, you will be able to unleash your inner competitive drive and maybe even win the Whistcup!

Customizing the teams

When hosting a room for Manille, as a premium user, you can customize the positions of the players in the room - and hence the teams - by dragging and dropping the players. This way, the teams will no longer be randomized when the room starts, which allows you to play together with your regular partner! Beware: in this case, the room is not taken into account for the leaderboard!

Reviewing the standings

Forgot who was in the lead when playing the next game? As a premium user, you can review the points table during the game. Click on the icon in the bottom left corner! This is of course not possible during the first game: after all, in that case no points are available yet!

Mute the chat

Are you annoyed that the chat messages disturb your concentration during the game? As a premium user you have the option to mute the chat until you send another message yourself! Click on the icon in the chat window to do this!


Do you have a question or a problem? As a premium user you can always contact [email protected] for support and answers to all your questions!

And much more!

By becoming a premium user you ensure that Whisthub can be further developed. Therefore, future features that are added will mainly only be available to premium users. Some premium features that are sure to arrive in the future are:

  • Joining clubs The intention is to eventually add a system of clubs. Premium users can then join a club and find players from within the club more easily! Clubs will also have their own space on the website where you can send messages to the other members of the club!
  • Analysis of played games Premium users will have the opportunity to review, analyze and even replay their games!

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$ 6
Per month
$ 49
Per year
You save 32%!


Is there a trial period?

Websites that offer a subscription plan often allow a trial period. This does not exist on Whisthub. The main reason is that the free version of the website is deliberately very extensive. In combination with the description of the premium features, this should give a clear picture of what the premium subscription entails. In addition, the subscription is primarily a way to support Whisthub.

Moreover, offering a trial period involves extra work. Whisthub is convinced that this time can be better spent on improving the website and adding new features!

How can I pay?

Premium subscriptions can be payed by credit card. If you do not have a credit card Whisthub also offers the possibility to pay by internet banking. However, this way your subscription cannot be renewed automatically. Do you not have access to internet banking either? Contact [email protected] to discuss other possibilities!

How can I renew my subscription?

If you pay by credit card your subscription will be renewed automatically without any action required! Of course you can cancel your subscription at any time and reactivate it later on.

If you pay by internet banking or by bank transfer your subscription cannot be renewed automatically. After your subscription has expired you will need to manually carry out a new payment if you want to renew your subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If the subscription does not fit your expectations, you can always cancel your subscription at any time for no cost in your settings. When a subscription is cancelled, you retain access to all functions for the already paid period.

Whisthub is always open for feedback, so you can always signal why you decided to cancel your subscription at [email protected]!

How are payments processed?

Payments are processed by Stripe, an international company offering secure payment solutions over the internet. Due to the fact that Whisthub uses Stripe, Whisthub does not need to store your payment details. As such you can trust that payments are 100% secure!

Who do I pay?

Whisthub is incorporated in a private company Whisthub with company number 0746.750.441. This company is responsible for the management of the website.